Third and Fourth Grade

Your 3rd and 4th graders won't simply learn lessons based on the Bible, they will study the Bible itself! Through an interactive, illustrated Bible study, review games, Bible drills, time line and map drills, application activities and more, learning the most important things in the world was never so much fun.


With the Bible Study Guide, students cover the entire Bible in 416 lessons, studying some Old Testament and new Testament each year. When they outgrow the Intermediate level, they simply graduate to the next lesson of the next level without missing a beat! To see the order of study, click here. To better understand the whole Bible Study Guide curriculum, click here.

How do I use it for kids in the third and fourth grade?

The Intermediate Student Pages guide you and your students through the lesson. You just follow the flow of the Student Page as it takes you from memory work and review to the Bible story/text itself to time line and map drills to application activities. The Student Pages are very flexible in the ways they may be used. If you are teaching a large group, like a Bible class, you will want to have the Intermediate Teacher Key. If you are using the material at home or with just one or two students (and you are not using the Wall Maps and Time Line) you do not have to have the Teacher Key. You may guide your student through the Student Page, or you may allow the student to do it on their own. The Bible Book Summary Cards are often referenced in the lesson. They are optional but highly recommended. The optional Children's Songs will occasionally be referenced as well. The Wall Maps and Time Line set is another great, optional tool that you will love if you have some wall space.


Scroll down to take a look at the materials we offer for teaching children in the third and fourth grades. You may click on each picture for a full explanation of the item and/or samples of it. 


Intermediate Students Pages   Bible Book Summary Cards
Intermediate Student Pages   Bible Book Summary Cards
Intermediate Student Pages guide students through the learning experience with an interactive Bible story, long and short term review drills, memory work, maps, a time line and engaging application activities to help your students dive into the Bible and apply it to their lives.   Imagine learning the basic content of every Bible book! You can with the Bible Book Summary Cards. The Student Pages will refer you to these cards in nearly every lesson. They are that helpful!
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Unlabeled Wall Maps and Time Line   Intermediate Teacher Key
Unlabeled Wall Maps and Time Line   Intermediate Teacher Key
Helping students understand how all the Bible events, people and places fit together is the job of the Unlabeled Wall Maps and Time Line that uses removable and reusable labels. *These visuals are large! Home users may need to rely solely on the time line and map drills in the Student Pages.   The Intermediate Teacher Key has all the answers marked for the teacher, guidance using the Unlabeled Wall Maps and Time Line and helpful background information. The Teacher Key is not required for using the Student Pages, particularly for home users. We highly recommend it for Bible class teachers.
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Children's Songs CD   Intermediate Starter Pack
Children's Songs CD Set   Intermediate Starter Pack
2 CD set includes 90 children’s songs, including songs that help with memory work.   Everything you need for your 3rd-4th grade child. Available in a Basic edition and Premium edition.
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"I wanted to write to tell you how much I love your material! It is so easy to use and I have been so thrilled at how fast the children have picked up the material." -Jami
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